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At Six Forks Smiles, formerly Glenwood Smiles, Raleigh dental office, our staff is devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile with teeth cleanings, cosmetic dental work, 6 Month braces, porcelain veneers, and teeth whitening. I’m proud to be a dentist in Raleigh that families trust.

Dr. Rebecca Schmorr

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    What’s Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity?
    Tooth sensitivity can make your daily cup of coffee or iced tea less than enjoyable. Your usual brushing and flossing can be painful. Your whole day can be affected by the discomfort in your mouth. So what’s causing the sensitivity? Here are a few possibilities: • Exposure of Dentin – Dentin is the part of […]
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    Our New Raleigh Dental Office
    The office of Dr. Rebecca Schmorr, DDS is proud to announce that we’ve moved! We are now located in North Raleigh at 3614 Haworth Drive. Our dental practice, previously Glenwood Smiles, is now doing business as Six Forks Smiles.
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    New Year, New Smile
    Make sure your “new you” has a new, confident, beautiful smile to go along with it. Here are some tips from our Raleigh dentist that can help you have a bright new smile to go along with a bright new year.