Afraid of the Dentist?One bad experience at a dentist office can create a fear for life. People who fear dentists typically won’t even schedule routine cleanings. They miss out on essential dental care that could prevent cavities and other painful infections that are expensive to treat.

Six Forks Smiles’ modern spa-like dentist office and friendly staff helps anyone with anxiety or fears of dentists learn to love dentists.

Here are a few reasons to let go of your fear of the dental office:

  1. Dentists have the latest pain-free procedures. Our Raleigh dentist office offers, music, hot towels and calming aromatherapy during treatments. Plus, our dental staff administers nitrous oxide and pill sedation for pain-free procedures.
  2. Dentists pamper patients. Sit back and relax at Six Forks Smiles. With heated pillows, soothing massage chairs and music of your choice, you probably won’t want to leave after your dentist visit.
  3. Dentists can prevent cancer. When our Raleigh dentists examine your teeth during an exam they look for gum disease, cavities and signs of oral cancer. Routine dental exams help people treat cancer early and prevent it from spreading or causing reconstructive surgeries.
  4. Dentists are to teeth as mechanics are to cars. Brushing and flossing twice daily is a healthy dental routine, and keeping your car tires inflated improves gas mileage, but when you have a cavity or your transmission fails, you need a professional who knows exactly what they’re doing.
  5. Dentists prevent dental problems. Six Forks Smiles’ Raleigh dentists always teach and encourage patients to practice the best at-home dental routines to maintain oral health.
  6. Dentists get rid of bad breath. The majority of people who suffer bad breath are experiencing it because of oral conditions that dentists are able to fix.
  7. Dentists are people too. Our friendly staff genuinely cares about our patients’ comfort and health.
  8. Dentists know what they’re doing. Our Raleigh dentists spend a tremendous amount of money and time toward passing board exams, state licensing requirements, continuing education and learning the latest and most effective dental equipment.
  9. Raleigh dentists have Friday appointments (at Six Forks Smiles). Looking to whiten your teeth before a party over the weekend? Our Brite Smile teeth whitening options can brighten your smile before a school reunion, wedding or other special event.
  10. Dentists give you free stuff. You will always go home with a free toothbrush, floss and toothpaste when you visit Six Forks Smiles for your routine cleaning. What’s not to love about free things that improve your health?

If you or someone you know is still scared of going to the dentist, remind them of our heated pillows, massage chairs and pain-free sedation dentistry. Our spa-inspired dental office makes procedures as simple and comfortable as possible. Millions of people fear dentists, but our patients love Six Forks Smiles.

Find a Raleigh Dentist You’ll Love

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