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Why Get Six Month Braces?

Why Get Six Month Braces? In a previous blog post we answered the question “what are Six Month Braces?” As a quick recap, they are short-term braces meant to correct small imbalances in tooth alignment. Many people wonder why they would want to get these short-term braces instead of a procedure like Invisalign. In this blog […]

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Why Do We Need Dental X-rays?

Routine cleanings only scratch the surface of your dental examination! Regular x-rays are also needed to get a full picture of your tooth and their interior health.

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Fun Facts About Your Teeth

The mouth is a lot more interesting that most people realize. From the invention of the first toothbrush, to modern day dental health statistics, there is a lot more to your teeth and gums than meets the eye.

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What’s Causing Your Tooth Sensitivity?

Tooth sensitivity can make your daily cup of coffee or iced tea less than enjoyable. Your usual brushing and flossing can be painful. Your whole day can be affected by the discomfort in your mouth. So what’s causing the sensitivity? Here are a few possibilities: • Exposure of Dentin – Dentin is the part of […]

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