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Healthy Teeth Tips for Summer

School is out and summer is finally here.  The kids are out of school, summer vacations are planned, and your life is suddenly out of control.  Welcome to summer. Summer is a great time for kids to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.  So, often sometimes, they will forget to eat or brush their...

Happiness is a new toothbrush

How To Properly Select The Right Toothbrush

How To Properly Select The Right Toothbrush   Did You know that the average person spends over 24 hours each year just brushing their teeth? With that much time spent, it is important to have the necessary tools to have healthy teeth and gums.  We will show you how to properly select the right toothbrush...

Saving money at your Raleigh dentist

Making your dentist in Raleigh affordable with Smile High

Research Shows Many Americans Skip Dentist Due to Cost New research by the HealthDay Reporter has indicated that Americans are more likely to skip dental care due to cost than any other form of health care. This trend is most common in working-age adults, 13% of whom skipped recommended dental care due to the costs...

your dentist in Raleigh talks about how teeth cleaning can help prevent pneumonia

How Dental Visits Can Prevent Pneumonia

New Study shows that Dental Visits can help prevent Pneumonia At Six Forks Smiles, your Raleigh dentist, we have been telling our dental patients for years that there are benefits to regular dental visits beyond merely having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The benefits of a clean and healthy mouth have been extensively proven...

chewing gum recommended by your Raleigh Dentist

How Sugar-Free Gum can help your Dental Care

Why Your Raleigh Dentist Recommends Chewing Gum Many of our Raleigh Dentist clients at Six Forks Smiles often ask what else they can do to help their dental health. While it might seem surprising, there are actually certain types of gum that can aid in cleaning your teeth. The important distinction is that not all...

How Coffee and Soda Can Require Teeth Whitening

At our Raleigh Dentist Office, one of the requests we receive the most often is a request for teeth whitening. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry did a survey that found that if people could improve one thing about their smiles, most people would choose to improve the whiteness of their teeth. At Six Forks...

5 Dental Issues Affecting Your Love Life

Have you ever given thought to how your dental health choices can impact your love life? Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. But the reality is: dental issues have a host of consequences.

Brace Yourself: Easter Candy Dos & Don’ts

It’s that time of year again! Seems like we go from one sugar-filled holiday to the next, doesn’t it? Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day—now Easter! Do those pearly whites ever get a break?

Raleigh Dentist: Monster Mouth, ADA Theme

Dental Dangers Lurking In Your Child’s Food

What if we told you there was a significant danger to your child’s health that he is likely exposed to— everyday? Not only is he exposed to this danger, but he probably unknowingly welcomes it into his world with your permission—everyday. This danger is a master of disguise.

Twigs, Hog Hair, Bone, Bamboo..and Your Teeth!

Toothbrush History from Your Raleigh Dentist “What do twigs, hog hair, bone, and bamboo have to do with my teeth?” You rightfully ask yourself, as you wonder if your dentist has completely gone off the deep end! Allow me share some interesting facts with you about the history of toothbrushes!

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