your dentist in Raleigh talks about how teeth cleaning can help prevent pneumoniaNew Study shows that Dental Visits can help prevent Pneumonia

At Six Forks Smiles, your Raleigh dentist, we have been telling our dental patients for years that there are benefits to regular dental visits beyond merely having healthy teeth and a beautiful smile. The benefits of a clean and healthy mouth have been extensively proven both for pregnant women and for other healthy members of the population, but recently there was a study that demonstrated a possible link between regular dental visits and pneumonia. This is yet more evidence to support what dentists across the country knew: your dental health can affect much more than just the health of your teeth and gums.

How regular dental cleanings can help prevent pneumonia

There are ten times as many microbes on and inside the human body as there are cells in the body. While almost all of these microbes are harmless and some are even necessary, a few of them can have harmful effects on your dental health. In some cases, harmful bacteria can be inhaled that can cause pneumonia, such as:

  • Strepococcus
  • Haemophilus
  • Staphylococcus
  • Anaerobic Bacteria

The microbes listed above are all known to cause pneumonia, and are found much more often in those who don’t often go to their local dentist for a dental cleaning. While the fact that there would be more microbes in the mouth of someone who didn’t go to their Raleigh dentist often enough might seem somehow self-evident, this study has finally demonstrated the link that dentists have known all along. We believe that this evidence will help our clients understand how important every part of their dental health is, especially since dental cleanings are not the most exciting or often-discussed aspect of dentistry.

Schedule a Dental Cleaning to help prevent pneumonia

At Six Forks Smiles, we have been telling our dental patients for years that their dental health is an integral part of their overall health, and this recent study is yet more proof. We know how important health is to our patients, and as such we recommend you get a dental checkup at least twice a year! If you would like to schedule an appointment to have your teeth cleaned and check your dental health, contact Six Forks Smiles or call us at 919-834-4450“>919-834-4450 today!