It’s the season of no school, summer vacations, and a suddenly more hectic schedule. Welcome to summer!

With summer being the prime season of fun and exciting outdoor adventures, kids often tend to forget the important things, like eating or brushing their teeth. However, keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy is an essential part of your child’s overall health. Fortunately, Dr. Rebecca Schmorr and Six Forks Smiles have a few tips for keeping your child’s teeth nice and healthy over the summer.

In the Water

One of the best parts of summer is having a relaxing afternoon in or beside the pool.  However, just like any other activity, there are certain precautions you and your children should take before spending time at the pool.

  • Swimming and Keeping your Teeth Clean

On a hot, humid summer afternoon, swimming is a great way to cool off.  However, pools are filled with chlorine and other chemicals needed to treat the water.  However, prolonged exposure to pool chemicals can result in discolored or brown teeth known as swimmer’s calculus.  The discoloration results from the residue on your teeth mixing with the chlorine in the pool.

If pool water has affected you or your child’s teeth, call and schedule an appointment with Six Forks Smiles to have our dentist, Dr. Rebecca Schmorr, get rid of swimmer’s calculus with our professional teeth cleaning services.

  • Diving and Keeping your Teeth Strong

Whether it be a somersault or a pike dive into the water, diving is a great past time for many pool attendees. However, one wrong move can create an unforgettable (and painful) memory: a broken tooth.

The best way to prevent any molar accidents is to grab a teeth guard. These are a great way to keep your teeth protected and your smile shining.  However, if you are ever in a situation where you or your child has a broken tooth or teeth, Dr. Rebeca Schmorr and her team at Six Forks Smiles recommend coming in and visiting them for cosmetic dentistry to fix the broken teeth.

On the Move

Summer is a great time to be out and about, whether you’re going on an exotic vacation or simply taking an evening stroll.  Whatever way you enjoy your summer days, it’s always best to still be considerate of your teeth.  Here are some ways to celebrate summer, while still keeping your teeth healthy and strong.

  • Avoid Sugary Drinks to Keep Teeth from Decaying

When out in the summer, it is crucial that you and your family stay hydrated to avoid a heat stroke.  In addition to staying hydrated, it is important to choose liquids that will be beneficial to your teeth; so, avoid drinks with sugar.

Drinking liquids with sugar can lead to teeth decay and periodontal disease.  Try swapping out the sweet tea for a refreshing glass of water. That way your family stays healthy and so does their teeth.

  • Work Hard, Play Hard.  Keep the Teeth Smiling.

Now the kids are out for the summer, it’s time to keep them active.  A great way to expel all that energy is to diminish it outside in the sun.  Whether it is playing catch, soccer, or volleyball, playing outside is a worthwhile experience for kids.

However, with any contact sport, you must have the proper support to keep those teeth shining and strong.  Dr. Rebecca Schmorr recommends wearing a mouth guard to keep the teeth safe from any type of dental accident.

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