We know that fluoride is good for teeth, but how does it work? Fluoride is a naturally-occurring element that creates a foundation for growing teeth in children and young adults, and it can protect the exterior of teeth by being a part of saliva. The outer layer of teeth is made up of tight crystal patterns. Natural bacteria in our mouths can damage this outer layer, also known as enamel. Six Forks Smiles’ Raleigh dentists have methods that help repair and rebuild the crystals that are lost because of this damage.

Raleigh Dentists Prescribe Fluoride

How can you get fluoride? Fluoride is an additive in foods and water, it can be taken as a supplement, and it can be applied topically. For anyone under the age of 16, consuming fluoride helps build strong teeth; it enters the bloodstream and becomes a part of permanent teeth as they are developing. If children are not exposed to fluoridated water at a young age, our Raleigh dentists prescribe fluoride supplements in liquid or tablet forms. Usually children who experience many cavities are prime candidates for supplements. It’s a sign that their growing teeth are at risk for similar problems. A simple supplement and topical application helps to re-grow the enamel crystals and build stronger teeth.

Fluoride Rinse

Topical fluoride applications help to strengthen teeth by attaching directly to the teeth’s surface. Look for mouth rinses and toothpastes that have fluoride. Even though fluoride rinses last just a minute and toothpaste is not left on teeth for extended periods of time, the small exposure time actually boosts fluorides activity for many hours afterwards. Our dentists in Raleigh recommend following up your child’s nightly brushing and flossing routine with a fluoride rinse. This way the fluoride can work overnight while your children sleep.

Fluoride Deficiences

Statistics show that children who drink fluoridated water have fewer cavities. This is because fluoride rebuilds the parts of teeth that fight cavity-causing plaque and bacteria. In addition to fluoride in water, using special toothpastes and visiting our Raleigh dentists for regular teeth cleanings, if your children are suffering from fluoride deficiencies, we can prescribe a supplement to help. In rare cases children can be exposed to too much fluoride, which can also cause discoloration. On your child’s next teeth cleaning visit, let one of our dentists determine if your child has a problem caused by fluoride. There are easy ways to treat both under and overexposure to fluoride. With the simple methods above that add fluoride into your child’s diet and dental care routine, you’ll be preventing painful cavities and helping your child form the strongest smile to last them a lifetime.

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