Raleigh Dentist Fair Food NC StateIt’s that time in October that everyone has been anxiously waiting for: the arrival of the North Carolina State Fair! Whether you’re driving across the entire state, or just around the corner, prepare to have an amazing time!

The NC State Fair is known for a lot of different things, such as its iconic food, mass crowds of people, and thrilling amusement rides. From devouring delicious cotton candy and popcorn to defying the laws of gravity on the Ferris Wheel, the state fair offers activities for everyone in your family to enjoy.

However, it is always important to monitor what you consume at the state fair, since a lot of the food options are not so friendly to your teeth. Here is your Raleigh Dentist Dr. Rebecca Schmoor and Six Forks Smiles Dentist Guide to the North Carolina State Fair food:

Funnel Cake

Funnel cake is definitely the most iconic food at the NC State Fair. Just one bite of a sweet and fluffy funnel cake makes your taste buds extremely happy. While funnel cakes are a must have at the fair, they are filled with sweet confections that are your teeth’s worst enemy. Large portions of sugar can contribute to tooth decay, loss of teeth structure, and multiple other problems.

Giant Turkey Leg

Any meat lover’s favorite fair food has to be the giant turkey leg. This dinosaur sized portion of meat allows you and your loved ones to enjoy it throughout your entire visit at the fair. Unfortunately, it is packed with sodium and salt that can be harmful to your teeth.

Though salt can be helpful in the short term to neutralize bacteria and prevent infection, long exposure to sodium and salt can be harmful. High sodium foods like a giant turkey leg can cause your body to produce too much calcium, which can lead to tooth loss, tooth decay, or even osteoporosis, since teeth rely on certain amounts of calcium to stay strong.

Deep Fried Oreos

If you think Oreos are delicious, just wait until you try a deep-fried Oreo.

Whoever made the decree that everything is better when deep fried is—absolutely right. Deep fried Oreos take a classic childhood snack and reimagines it into a fair food lover’s dream.  Easily found at many stands at the fair, these delicious snacks are uplifting to the soul; however, they are a no-go for your teeth. Deep-fried Oreos are loaded with carbohydrates and sugar, which can lead to tooth decay and embedded food debris in and under your gum line.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn on the Cob

Hot Cheetos have quickly become a favorite for everyone. Add that spicy flavor to yummy corn, and you get a wonderful Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn on the Cob!

Adding two flavors together can be either disastrous or delicious; lucky for Hot Cheetos and corn—it works!  Like it’s south of the board cousin, Elotes, flamin’ hot Cheetos is expected to be a hit at the state fair.  The best part is–it’s respectable when it comes to the healthy teeth factor.

Low in sugar and soft on the teeth, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn is a great alternative to deep-fried foods, but respectable enough to stack up alongside the best.

Cotton Candy

Sweet, Sugary, Soft Goodness. Cotton Candy is a hand-spun, sugary confection that is every little kids’ dream food.

Often called “fairy floss,” cotton candy is fine strands of sugar on a stick, which when eaten excessively can cause tooth decay.

What can I eat at the NC State Fair?

The fair is a great time to enjoy with your family and friends, so we at Raleigh Dentist, Six Forks Smiles understand that you should enjoy yourself.  Eating food without sugar is almost impossible, so the key is to eat in moderation.

Then after a fun-filled night of laughing and memories, make sure you don’t forget to brush your teeth thoroughly, floss extra well, and then call us for at 919-834-4450 to schedule an appointment for your annual deep cleaning.