Research Shows Many Americans Skip Dentist Due to Cost

New research by the HealthDay Reporter has indicated that Americans are more likely to skip dental care due to cost than any other form of health care. This trend is most common in working-age adults, 13% of whom skipped recommended dental care due to the costs involved. According to the study author Marko Vujicic, the Chief Economist and Vice President of the ADA Health Policy Institute in Chicago: “It seems like medical insurance is doing a better job at protecting consumers from financial hardship than dental insurance”. At Six Forks Smiles, we quite often see Raleigh dental customers with this exact problem. They have put off getting recommended dental treatments like getting cavities filled or simple cleanings so long that the problems become more difficult to solve and can require root canals or other high-intensity dental treatments. We have seen this issue so much, in fact, that we have our very own program for those who want dental treatment without the high costs and copay. We call it the Smile High Program, and it is specifically designed for families with little or no dental health coverage.Saving money at your Raleigh dentist

About your Raleigh Dentist’s Smile High Program

The program is very affordable at $350 a year, and includes two free teeth cleanings, free dental exams, and reduced-cost options for all other dental services. We believe that this program separates us from other Raleigh dentists, and we believe it solves some of the problems set forth in the dental study. Said study continues by explaining that many of the reasons for the price-related avoidance of dental procedures comes down to the fact that more complicated procedures such as fillings, root canals, and crowns can all see only marginal coverage from standard dental health care plans, confronting Raleigh dentist clients with possibly over $1000 in charges. At Six Forks Smiles, our Raleigh dentist office offers reduced costs for these operations when the patient is a member of our Smile High Program.

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The study concludes with the observation that it might be time to rethink how American dental experts operate with health insurance. Six Forks Smiles saw the problem a long time ago, and we’ve already discovered the program that best assists our Raleigh dentistry patients. If you or a loved one are in need of dental treatment but are afraid of the burgeoning costs associated with treatment these days, contact Six Forks Smiles today or apply for our Smile High Program.