Raleigh Family Dentist

When it comes to your children and their teeth, it is vital to find someone who is experienced.  Dr. Schmorr and her team of dental professionals are experienced in providing dentistry procedures for your children.

Children’s Dentist in Raleigh

Either it is for teeth whitening, teeth cleaning, or even an annual check-up, Six Forks Smiles is a children and family dentist in Raleigh.  Dr. Schmorr and her dental staff are trained to help your children get that winning smile.

Raleigh Pediatric Dental Checkup and Cleanings

When it comes to your kids, visiting your dentist is just as important as visiting your regular medical doctor because there are many health issues that occur due to improper oral health and maintenance. Dr. Schmorr and her team can provide regular teeth cleaning and oral care for your child.