Six Forks Smiles Raleigh dental office is proud to offer Six Month Braces as a fast solution to straighter teeth. Six Month Braces™ is a revolutionary technology that can help adults with overcrowded or misaligned teeth improve their smile in 4 to 9 months, and in most cases, just 6 months.

What are Six Months Braces?

Get A Better Smile In Just Six Months

Using revolutionary techniques, Powerprox Six Month Braces move teeth to their most beautiful position—in a matter of months! In most cases, the patient’s bite is also improved. Six Month Braces are a time-saving option for adults seeking a more beautiful smile.

Before vs. After Examples

See below for before vs. after comparisons of patients who had Six Month Braces performed by Raleigh cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rebecca Schmorr, at Six Forks Smiles. View the full gallery here.

Clear Bracket & Wire Options

Six Month Braces come in different bracket and wire styles. Clear brackets with tooth-colored wire (Right) is a great alternative to clear brackets with traditional metal wire (Left).

Of course, not every patient is a speed demon! For those interested in comprehensive orthodontic treatment, we offer a full spectrum of traditional methods, as well as clear aligners for both children and adults. These simple, cost-effective alternatives are made of clear, lightweight plastic and primarily intended for use in moderate teeth alignment corrections.