Over the years, the instances of tooth decay have significantly dropped due to the increasing awareness of this oral complication as well as the use of fluoride. While the numbers have fortunately resided, tooth decay is still a common occurrence, along with the breaking of teeth and infections that require restorative dental procedures. Using advanced technology and procedures, our Raleigh dental office offers a variety of different options to resolve these issues by restoring your tooth back to its normal shape, size, and function.

Our team at Six Forks Smiles is fully equipped and trained to provide comprehensive dental restoration services that leave you with a complete smile, restore any broken teeth, and resolve any dental issues such as tooth decay. We recommend what we think is the best and most comfortable, least invasive treatment and assist you throughout the entire process. Our team takes pride in providing exceptional dental care to our patients while enhancing their smile and boosting their confidence.

You May Need a Dental Restoration If You Want To:

  • Enhance your smile.
  • Fill unattractive gaps between your teeth.
  • raleigh dental restorationsImprove or correct an overbite or underbite.
  • Prevent tooth loss.
  • Relieve pain caused by dental issues.
  • Repair teeth that are damaged or decayed.
  • Replace teeth that are missing.
  • Replace outdated or unattractive dental treatments.
  • Restore eating and chewing habits to normal.

Our Dental Restoration Services

Six Forks Smiles can help you if you need restorative dentistry. We offer the following restoration services:

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Our Raleigh dental restoration services can leave you with a fully restored, fully functional, bright smile. If you are in need of a dental restoration, schedule your consultation today by calling our office at 919-834-4450 or by filling out the contact form below. We would love to discuss available options for your situation and present the best plan of action to take.