Raleigh Sedation DentistryNow open with extended night and weekend hours, Six Forks Smiles in Raleigh, we do our best to make your dental visit as pleasant as possible… beginning with the absence of elevator music. One of the possible options for increasing your comfort is sedation dentistry.

In all seriousness, dental work does not have to be painful or frightening! We understand that many of our patients have a certain reticence to come to the dentist’s office. In their younger years, they were often poked and prodded at by a variety of sharp metal objects. Now that they’ve grown up, they have no desire to repeat the experiences of their youth. A visit with Dr. Schmorr can be a positive experience with safe, effective, and comfortable treatments including sedation dentistry.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation Dentistry is when the dentist gives you a customized dose of sedatives to relax you before your dental procedure.  It allows you to get the care you need while remaining calm, relaxed and at ease. In addition, sedation dentistry allows us to work more effectively as a patient who is normally very nervous and fidgety is instead relaxed. This allows our Raleigh Sedation Dentist to accomplish more dentistry in less time. Another bonus is that the patient will usually not remember the events of the dentistry, meaning that you will have less anxiety for when you next go to the dentist.

As a sedation therapy dentist, Dr. Schmorr is able to customize sedation medications to your needs so that, even if you have a unique medical condition, there still may be options. A number of medications that can be taken are developed especially for these purposes, subjected to rigorous research and testing, are safe and have been used for decades. Dr. Schmorr follows the DOCS (Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation) protocol for sedation treatment. Due to the nature of sedation dentistry, we at Six Forks Smiles recommend that you have someone drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation

IV sedation therapy is a fast acting, relaxing therapy that will help you feel at ease faster.  This intravenous procedure allows the dentist to provide personalized and individualized levels of comfort during your dental procedure.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

When it comes to dental procedure, Six Forks Smiles wants our patients to feel at ease.  We provide nitrous oxide or laughing gas to help patients feel more relaxed when visiting our Raleigh office.

Oral Sedation

Six Forks Smiles offers oral sedation to help patients feel at ease when it comes to the dentist.  Oral sedation is a prescription taken by mouth to help patients easily sleep during a dental procedure.