If you experience anxiety or fear while visiting the dentist, IV sedation is an effective, safe solution. Here at Six Forks Smiles, we offer IV sedation to help our patients feel as relaxed and comfortable as possible throughout their dental procedures.

What is IV Sedation?

IV Sedation, also referred to as ‘sleep dentistry,’ is a non-surgical option that causes you to be mildly sedated during a dental procedure.  IV Sedation Dentistry in RaleighThe sedation is moderate; just enough for you to be pain-free and unaware of the treatment.  IV sedation is administered intravenously through the vein and skin, so the calming, relaxing effect can quickly be achieved.  The treatment specifically works to suppress your pain sensations and does not affect your other bodily processes, meaning you are still able to breathe and function on your own. Once administered, the level of sedation can be adjusted to provide a more personalized and individualized level of relaxation.

What is Being Sedated Like?

Unlike anesthetics, while under the influence of a sedative, you are actually conscious. However, the sedative keeps you in a very relaxed, sleep-like state the entire time. Throughout the dental procedure, patients experience no pain, whatsoever, and simply remain in a drowsy state. When the sedative has completely worn off, most patients will not be able to remember the entire dental procedure and will feel as though only a small amount of time has passed since they were first given the sedative.

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