What is Nitrous Oxide?

Commonly known as laughing gas, Nitrous Oxide is a safe and effective sedation agent to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed during your dental procedure. Nitrous Oxide is a mild sedative that is used to help you feel at ease; but, is not intended to sedate you into a sleep state.  Due to this fact, you or the patient will be able to see and hear just as if no treatment was used.

Nitrous Oxide is used alongside Oxygen to offer relaxation and ease for dental patients.  The gas mixture is dispersed through a small mask that is fitted over your nose, so the treatment can be easily inhaled through the nose and mouth.  Once started, the dentist will ask you to breathe slowly while the mixture is administered.  Once administered, you may feel a few external effects include:

  • Tingling Sensation in arms and legs
  • Light Headed
  • Heavy legs and arms