Are you looking for a sedation dentist in Raleigh, NC?  Six Forks Smiles provides a safe, relaxing dental procedure for our patients. Dr. Schmorr and her team at Six Forks Smiles are professionally trained in oral sedation, giving you a relaxing experience and procedure.

Oral Sedation in Raleigh

Do you have any worries when it comes to the dentist?  You shouldn’t.  Dr. Schmorr and her team at Six Forks Smiles Smiles are professionally trained and experienced in all aspects of dentistry. But, just in case, Six Forks Smiles offers oral sedation to help ease and relieve your anxiety about a dental procedure.

Either it is a teeth whitening, preventative care, six month braces, pinhole gum rejuvenation, oral sedation can help you stay relaxed during the procedure.  An oral prescription if given to you, so the dentist can provide a variety of dental treatments safely, effectively, and comfortablly.  This option is great for patients with dental anxiety when visiting the doctor.