At our Raleigh Dentist Office, one of the requests we receive the most often is a request for teeth whitening. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry did a survey that found that if people could improve one thing about their smiles, most people would choose to improve the whiteness of their teeth. At Six Forks Smiles this result doesn’t surprise us in the least. Many Raleigh dental patients have come into our office looking to enhance their smile, and we have just the right solution for you with the Brite Smile Whitening Treatment.

How Coffee Can Damage Your Smile

Our Raleigh dentist clients are always surprised when we tell them that it could be the coffee and soda staining their teeth. Although our patients are usually aware that soda and coffee can damage your teeth, many teeth whitening clients did not know that coffee can stain your teeth long-term.

Tooth enamel is the hardest material in the human body, but it is not as smooth as it looks from the surface. In fact, your tooth enamel is covered with little ridges and dips in which stains can form from dark liquids. Red wine, soda, and coffee can all deliver stains if consumed over a long enough period of time.

How Coffee Can Stain your Teeth

How to Prevent Tooth Staining

The easiest way to prevent teeth staining in Raleigh is to not drink coffee, red wine, or soda in the first place. However, we at Six Forks Smiles understand that this is not a realistic goal. Many people rely on their morning cup of coffee to get them through work. We also understand that wine can be a part of many social functions. In order to minimize the staining risk from these liquids, the best thing you can do is brush your teeth. If this isn’t possible, if you rinse your mouth with some water you will be able to deal immediately with most of the staining.

Contrary to what our Raleigh dentistry clients might think, putting cream or sugar in your coffee doesn’t really help the coffee stain your teeth less. In fact, it’s overall exposure time to the coffee more than the composition of the coffee that matters. This means that one of the most efficient ways  to help prevent tooth staining is to schedule coffee breaks instead of sipping throughout the day. This allows for less overall exposure while still getting you your cup of joe. Another thing you can do is use a whitening toothbrush, but if your teeth are already significantly stained, you will need to visit your Raleigh dentist, Six Forks Smiles, to get our Brite Smile Treatment. Brite Smile is a Teeth Whitening procedure in Raleigh that leaves you with a new and brilliantly white smile, by use of a whitening gel and some light.

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