Raleigh 6 month braces and invisalign wearersIf you have recently gotten dental braces or you plan on getting them soon, you may be wondering how you can keep your teeth healthy. After all, you want to make sure you have a bright, healthy smile as soon as you are done wearing your braces. Whether you choose traditional braces, 6 month braces, or Invisalign, Our Raleigh dentist is sharing the tips you need to know to care for your teeth and keep them healthy!

Dental Care for Traditional Dental Braces

Teenagers, young adults, and those with more severe alignment and bite issues will probably wear traditional metal braces. Made from silver-colored metal wires and brackets that are placed on every tooth and worn for 12 to 36 months, traditional braces can make hygiene and caring for your teeth tricky and requires extra care. 

Brush and Floss Regularly

Food particles and plaque can get trapped around and under your braces, leading to staining and decay unless removed. Make sure you use ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste with a soft-bristled toothbrush to get above and below the brackets and a cone-shaped toothbrush (called an inter-ortho brush) to remove debris trapped under the brackets. Do this twice a day and floss to clean between your teeth and get debris under wires daily. 

Keep Up with Your Dentist in Raleigh

While your orthodontist will make sure your braces are in good condition and doing their job, keeping up with dental cleanings and checkups with your Raleigh dentist will ensure your teeth stay healthy. 

Avoid Hard or Sticky Food

While you’re wearing your braces, sticky food, hard candy, and chewing gum can catch in the wires and brackets and cause damage. Additionally, biting into hard food may also cause damage or cause it to get caught in your braces. Use your utensils to cut food into smaller pieces whether it’s apples and carrots or pizza and burgers. 

Caring for Your Teeth with 6 Month Braces

With 6 month braces, many of the same dental care tips apply – brushing, visiting the dentist, and taking care with what you eat. However, 6 month braces are a bit easier to care for because brackets are only attached to your front teeth to straighten them, so your back teeth are left uncovered and easier to maintain. Additionally, because they are only worn for between four and nine months, there is less time for damage to occur under the brackets and wires. 

Dental Care Tips for Invisalign Braces Wearers

For those who choose Invisalign®, dental care is a bit different than those who wear dental or 6 month braces. Invisalign® is a plastic aligning tool that can be removed to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. Follow these steps to keep your teeth healthy:

Remove Your Aligners Regularly

Invisalign® can be removed before you eat or drink a sugar-sweetened beverage. Prior to replacing them, make sure you brush your teeth to remove any debris that could get trapped. Additionally, you’ll want to rinse your aligners and keep them clean every night before putting them back in to sleep. 

Visit Your Raleigh Dentist Regularly

Not only do you need to make sure you’re timely when it comes to picking up your new batch of aligners, you also need to maintain your checkups and routine dental exams to make sure your teeth are staying healthy. 

Use the Invisalign® Cleaning System

Your aligners will come with a unique cleaning system to keep them clear and hygenic and prevent bacteria from attacking your teeth and causing decay and damage. 

Contact Our Raleigh Dentist for Your 6 Month Braces or Invisalign®

If you want a straight, healthy smile, but you feel like traditional orthodontics aren’t right for you, our dentist office in Raleigh can help! We offer both Invisalign® and six month braces for our patients and will work with you to make sure your teeth stay healthy through the entire time you wear them.