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I’m not sure if it’s a response to the several years of sad economic times or what, but all of a sudden, people I know are coming up with the most spectacular ideas and starting their own businesses.

Raleigh dentist vs. Lil Wayne

Kanye West Now

So, we know I’m sort of obsessed with Lil Wayne’s grill…and now Kanye West has joined the club. Evidently, he had some extensive dental work done and somehow, someone got hold of his panoramic xray, taken while he was wired together.

Raleigh Dental Memorializes Daniel Schorr

Daniel Schorr Died Today and Symmetry

I knew Daniel Schorr as a commentator for NPR, not knowing that he was already in his 70’s when first heard him on public radio in the 80’s.  He was 93 when he died today, his advanced age never evident in his voice. 

My Laser Rocks

This is really only going to be interesting to people either in the dental field. Not for the faint of heart, but it’s so cool! See how my laser cured one patient of a cyst on her lip.

A New Diagnosis: SUIT

This was forwarded to me by a friend several months ago and is one of the funniest things on the internet. Jolene Roxbury is a southern comedienne who does characters based on her bayou relatives.

Total Dorks

A conversation we had in the office yesterday:

Kassie’s got a patient in the chair whose wife is a toxicologist. He asks about a stuffed creature she keeps on a shelf (it’s supposed to be a ‘halitosis bug’) and mentions that he got one for his wife once; it’s a bacterium or a spore or something.

Personal Training

I’ve been in pretty good shape most of my life; exercise has ALWAYS been a part of my regular routine. Then at 42, I got pregnant….with a litter of two.

But, ohhhh, I was going to be one of those women who exercised right up until the day they give birth; you know the ones I’m talking about of course.

The Circus and Lil Wayne

We went to the circus this weekend.  The ringmaster had crazy good teeth.  We were sitting near the front row, but wayyyy on the side. fortunately it was the side that the animals and acrobats came in.  We had an excellent view of the cleanup of elephant poop.


I went to Florida last week/weekend for a seminar in Clearwater. It was given by a dentist named Bill Strupp. I’d taken the same course about 10 years ago but I thought maybe it would be a good time for a refresher. Unfortunately, his material was exactly the same as 10 years before. At least it was good to get away.


Monday is my ‘day off’. IOW, that’s the day I’m home, alone, with the boys. I try to get a little work done….marketing stuff, checking search engine placement, replying to emails, etc but little actual work gets done b/c most of the day is spent looking for Enzo’s blue ball or Matisse’s bunny fuzzy or dealing with some fashion drama or wiping a snotty nose or wondering why it’s so quiet and discovering the boys taking turns sucking all the toothpaste out of the tube and wondering how much flouride they can consume before they get truly poisoned (you’d think I’d know).

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