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Summertime Tips for Healthy Teeth

You may have already started planning your summer vacation and have geared up for all the great time’s summertime has to offer! It’s no surprise that most of us choose to cool down with sweet, cold beverages and ice cream. We wanted to give you a few tips to make sure you keep your teeth...

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Why Are Regular Visits to the Dentist So Important?

Do you ever ask yourself questions like “why are regular visits to the dentist really important” or “is going to the dentist really worth it” If you have wondered these questions or similar, keep on reading. We have the answers for you.

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Are Water Picks Good For Braces?

For those that wear braces, we understand that it can be a difficult process to properly maintain your braces. Weaving through those wires and brackets with dental floss can be tedious but well worth it if you want to develop a beautiful and healthy smile. But what about water picks? We’ll show you the pros and cons of water flossers.

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity - Ice Cream

Tooth Sensitivity

Experiencing tooth sensitivity is uncomfortable, painful, and causes you to miss out on some of your favorite treats, such as ice cream. Find out what causes tooth sensitivity and how you can help reduce the symptoms.

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Guide to NC State Fair Food

Every year, the North Carolina State Fair comes to Raleigh. Here’s a guide to enjoying the fair foods while keeping your teeth healthy as well.

Dental Implants in Raleigh - Six Forks Smiles

Save Up to $1000 Off Dental Implants

Are you interested in Dental Implants, but unsure if you can afford it? Six Forks Smiles is now offering $1000 off your dental implants and crowns when purchased together or $500 off when purchased separately.

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Healthy Teeth Tips for Summer

It’s the season of no school, summer vacations, and a suddenly more hectic schedule. Welcome to summer! With summer being the prime season of fun and exciting outdoor adventures, kids often tend to forget the important things, like eating or brushing their teeth. However, keeping your children’s teeth strong and healthy is an essential part of your child’s overall health.

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Save $1000 on Six Months Braces

During the school year, no one wants to have braces all year long.  However, Summer Break is almost here, so it’s time to make sure your teeth are back to photo shape.  Dr. Rebecca Schmorr, DDS and her team at Six Forks Smiles in Raleigh are here to help with a six-month braces technique. Six...

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The Tale of the Tooth Fairy

  Have you ever stopped to wonder how the tooth fairy came to be? She is, after all, as much a part of American culture as Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, despite the fact she lacks a corresponding holiday. Losing baby teeth is an important rite of passage across virtually all countries and cultures....

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