There are many patients who present to our office wanting to straighten their front teeth without having to wear braces. Now we have a simple, cost effective alternative for those prospective patients. It is called the Red, White & Blue (RWB) system. Made of clear, lightweight plastic, each retainer works to coax your teeth in small incremental movements, getting them progressively closer to the desired result. They’re comfortable for you to wear and easy to talk with. Whether you are in school, on the go with a family, or a professional in the public eye, RWB aligners fit easily into their busy lives. RWB aligners are much simpler and less expensive than comparable treatment systems, so it offers an affordable option.

The RWB system is designed to treat minor rotations, torque, tip and spacing problems in the social six anterior teeth by using a series of three active appliances, each working to move the teeth to the desired result. Most patients wear each retainer for two to four weeks in the easy-to-remember sequence, transitioning from the red to the white to the blue appliances, with blue serving as the final appliance and retainer.

Advantages of RWB Aligners

  • Ability to correct misaligned teeth in a timely manner


  • Can only correct minor rotations, crowding, or spacing
  • It is totally dependent on patient compliance