What is general dentistry?

General dentistry consists of routine dental care for patients both young and old. This routine care is designed to manage oral health and hygiene and also avoid any progression of oral diseases. By routinely managing patients’ oral health, downtime and setbacks can be avoided. General dentistry is typically broken down into preventative services, restorative services, cosmetic services, and overall health examination. Appointments include the examination of teeth, gums, and any previous dental procedure-  fillings, root canals, crowns, veneers, and bridges to name a few.   

What is included in general dentistry? 

general dentistry in raleighAt Six Forks Smiles, teeth cleaning, family dentistry, periodontal treatment, and pediatric dentistry are included in our general dentistry services. These services are typically scheduled and administered on a routine 6-month basis and are designed to manage overall oral health. Beginning with a comprehensive dental exam, your treatment will highlight oral issues you may be experiencing with the use of an intra-oral camera that allows you to see what we see. After the initial exam, a custom treatment plan will be created and next steps will be determined. 

Teeth cleaning is fairly straightforward and includes the removal of plaque and tartar buildup. Even if you’re brushing your regularly practicing proper dental care at home, bi-annual teeth cleaning is recommended not only to take care of any leftover plaque and tartar buildup but also prevent mouth diseases and other dental issues that may arise down the road. 

Family dentistry enables an entire family to conveniently visit the same dentist office. We understand the difficulty of fitting dental appointment into an already hectic schedule and pride ourselves in providing a pleasant and comforting experience for each and every family member. 

Pediatric dentistry is focused on providing children with the best and most fitting dental care and procedures. These dental care services can range from bi-annual checkups to first-time appointments and anything in between. Your child will always leave our office with a bright and shining smile!

Periodontal treatment is designed to alleviate swollen, irritated, and bleeding gums (also known as periodontal disease.) Those categorized as general dentistry, periodontal treatment can include a handful of more specialized services such as dental implants, pocket eliminating surgery, tissue regeneration, and tooth scaling and planing of the roots. You may want to schedule an appointment with an experienced periodontal dentist if you notice any of the following symptoms:

  • Your teeth feel loose
  • Your gums are beginning to swell, bleed, or recede
  • You are experiencing increased tooth and gum pain
  • You have noticed a change in your bite

Is teeth cleaning necessary?

Yes, teeth cleaning is absolutely necessary in order to take care of leftover plaque and tartar buildup that cannot be taken care of by regular home dental care. You can only remove so much plaque and tartar yourself.

When should I visit my general dentist? 

Ideally, you should be attending general dentistry appointments every 6 months for preventative services. If you or a loved one is experiencing an emergency such as gum bleeding, an inability to eat due to an aching tooth, or a tooth that is becoming loose, it is recommended to visit your general dentist as soon as possible. 

Where can I go for general dentistry?

The team at Six Forks Smiles can provide general dentistry services on a per-call basis, after hours, and on the weekend.


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