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Having healthy teeth and gums is essential to living a healthy life, and the path to dental health begins in childhood. Habits like regular tooth brushing and flossing must be established in childhood to prevent complications such as tooth decay or periodontal disease as the child grows up. However, having regular dental checkups and teeth cleanings is just as important as good at-home habits, which is why pediatric dentistry plays a vital role dental health.

When it comes to your children and their oral health, it is vital to find a pediatric dentist in Raleigh who is trustworthy and experienced. Dr. Schmorr and her team of dental professionals are skilled in providing the best dental care and procedures for your children.

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How Does Pediatric Dentistry Differ from General Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry specifically focuses on the dental health of children from infancy through teenage years. Children’s dental health needs are much different than adults’ so their oral health treatment plans differ from adults. While children still get cleanings, in-depth checkups, dental x-rays, and treatment for any cavities or gum problems, same as for adults, there’s more we do to ensure your child’s teeth and mouth is healthy.

Children’s Dental Care Treatments

  • Preventative care specifically for children, including fluoride treatments to strengthen enamel and sealants to coat and smooth the surface of molars and help prevent cavities.
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations regarding dental health.
  • Behavior and habit consulting regarding issues like pacifier use and thumb-sucking.
  • Monitoring baby teeth and the development of adult teeth.
  • Extracting baby teeth if needed
  • Assessment and discussion of treatment for straightening teeth and issues related to an improper bite.

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Taking your child to a dentist who excels in pediatric dentistry offers multiple benefits. Not only do dentists who specialize in working with children mean they are able to specifically offer the treatments above and look for complications and concerns that only affect children, they have the temperament for working with children.

Whether working with toddlers, young children, or even older children, sometimes they struggle at the dentists’ office. This can be due to fear, discomfort, or simply impatience. A team who specializes in caring for children know how to offer the compassion, patience, and kindness needed.

When to First Visit a Pediatric Dentist

A child should first visit a pediatric dentist shortly after their first baby teeth are present. At the latest, a parent or caregiver should schedule a dental exam around the first birthday.

The first exam is very simple – the parent or caregiver holds the baby while the dentist examines their teeth and provides a professional cleaning. During this time, the dentist and caregiver discuss nutrition, development related to dental health, and any questions or concerns the caregiver might have.

Not only does this appointment provide an excellent foundation for dental health moving forward, it’s also a good opportunity for a child to become accustomed to dental appointments. Waiting too long may make a child fearful when it’s time for the appointment.

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