No dental insurance? No problem!

The Smile High Club Dental Plan is an annual membership plan from Six Forks Smiles that has been developed to deliver quality dental care services to families like yours, at prices that make sense in today’s economy.

Raleigh Dental Plan Benefits Include:

  • Free Teeth Cleanings (up to 2 per calendar year)
  • Free Dental Exams and X-Rays
  • Reduced Fee Schedule for All Other Dental Services

*Unlike conventional dental insurance, there are NO deductibles and NO yearly maximums. Additional comprehensive treatments or procedures are provided at REDUCED rates of 15% OFF. There is a $20 co-pay that will be due on problem-oriented office visits. Members must remain in the plan a minimum of 12 months.

Dental Care Plan Membership Dues:

  • Individual Membership
    Price: $350/yr
  • Family Membership (Up to 4 people)
    Price: $350/yr for one member  + $250/yr for each additional family member

*The Smile High Club is exclusive to Six Forks Smiles! Services for this discount dental plan are offered at our dental office in Raleigh.

How Do I Start My Smile High Club Dental Care?

You can sign up for the Smile High Club with the online or in-person at our office. Benefits from your Smile High Club membership will begin immediately. Then simply call our Raleigh dental office for an appointment!

Discount Dental Care