Dental bridges are non-removable solutions for replacing missing teeth.

Bridges come in several different types, with the traditional bridge being the most popular. Traditional bridges are made of porcelain and are fused to metal. Using two crowns, one on each side to anchor the artificial teeth, the bridge is placed to fill the missing spaces. After a consultation with our Raleigh dentist, we’ll determine which type of bridge is best for you, depending on your condition.

Despite being durable, bridges may need readjustment or repair after several years due to normal wear.

Reasons for a Raleigh fixed bridge:

  • Fill in spaces from missing teeth
  • Maintain jaw and facial structure
  • Prevent teeth from shifting into missing spaces
  • Improve issues with chewing and speaking
  • Restore and enhance your smile
  • Replace removable partial dentures

What does getting a fixed bridge involve?

When you come in to get a fixed bridge at our Raleigh dental office, you’ll have two or more visits for the procedure. First, Dr. Schmorr will prepare the two anchor teeth for crowns by removing a portion of the enamel. Then, we’ll make an impression (or mold) of your teeth to send to our dental laboratory for creating your custom bridge. We’ll also use our highly accurate mold to create a temporary bridge for you to wear for a few weeks until your next appointment.

Your second visit with Dr. Schmorr will consist of adjusting your permanent bridge so that it fits properly. Depending on your situation, our Raleigh dentist may only temporarily cement your bridge. This gives your teeth a chance to get used to your new restoration before permanently cementing your bridge in.

Before you leave, Dr. Schmorr will give you proper care instructions for taking care of your fixed bridge, and talk to you about regular dental exams for maintaining the longevity of your new dental restoration.

Looking for Bridges in Raleigh?

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