What drugs do dentists use for sedation?

Local anesthesia (Novocaine) is the most common form of sedation drugs used. It can often be combined with Laughing Gas, oral sedatives, or IV sedation to provide the most comfortable experience.

What does sedation mean at the dentist?

Sedation at the dentist consists of using relaxing dentist-provided drugs to help a patient relax while undergoing a dental procedure.

What is a sedation dentist?

A sedation dentist is approved to offer relaxants during a dental procedure to help calm the nerves of the patient to make the dental work comfortable and relatively painless.

How long does dentist sedation medication last?

Depending on the strength of the sedation medication, it can last anywhere from 1 hour (the lowest strength) to 2-4 hours (the highest strength).

What kind of dentist can perform oral sedation?

Dentists who are approved to perform sedation dentistry can offer oral sedation to a patient.

Sedation Dentistry Services

The dentists at Six Forks Smiles can provide these various forms of sedation dentistry to make your dental procedure more comfortable.

IV Sedation

A moderate form of sedation that will typically prevent you from feeling pain and being unaware of the procedure.

Laughing Gas

A mild form of sedation that provides a relaxed and calming sensation without needing to be put to sleep.

Oral Sedation

A strong form of sedation that puts you to sleep, making you unaware of the procedure while it occurs.

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